Week 1: Ceiling

Last year, at some point, I ran into a post by Postcard from Gibraltar where-in she posted a beautiful photo (I don’t remember which one, though she may be able to tell you from the follow data on her dashboard) and I loved it! I loved the idea of what she was doing. She was doing a 52 Weeks of Photos Challenge! This challenge came from Sandra at Wild Daffodil and Cathy at NanaCathyDotCom and they are glad to see this challenge continuing with others this year. I invite you to check out their blogs 🙂 (They have some really awesome photos and crochet items and more!)

Anyway, since I was so excited by this, I decided I wanted to give it a go myself! And here I am. Week 1. What’s today’s prompt?


Now, I had a few ways to go with this one. I could have taken a photo of my bland and plain white ceiling, or I could be creative and take a photo of a sheet of glass. I could be “hip” and take a photo of the second floor while on it, essentially the floor itself, but call it a ceiling just backwards. Or…I could think about what my favorite ceiling is. And honestly, if we’re speaking metaphorically, I don’t believe there is one.

You see, I’m on a boost right now of feeling like The Sky’s The Limit! and because of that, my interpretation of the prompt of Ceiling was to *attempt* to photograph the night sky. Well, now, I say attempt. I’ve never successfully taken a photo of the night sky before. I have a rad and awesome camera that’s done me well, and I’ve tried to read the manual…but to no avail. I decided it was time to look for more information. I needed to know how to take a photo of the stars, then I needed to know what ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed were and did! Phew! That’s a lot. But guess what…

I’m starting to get it!

I found a post by John Davenport (here) that went into some of the details (but with a Nikon. The idea was still pretty much the same and I was able to use my Canon.) But I still needed help…Then I found a post by Nasim Mansurov (here it is) that was not only helpful, it’s the first one I feel helped me to really understand ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. While the results aren’t the best, and my editing skills are very lacking, let me withhold no more! Here is the results of my interpretation of the prompt word Ceiling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My ceiling. The Universe. The Sky’s are the limits. Oh and a fun extra shot!

Next week’s prompt is “Card.” We shall see how I interpret that!



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