7 Fun Topics to Expect This Year

Summary for those who like to read quickly: This year will be topic driven with Recipes, Crafts, Crochet stitch tutorials and patterns, Cleaning and Organizing, Writing, and 52 Weeks of Photos. There will also be once or twice a month where posts that are outside or side-skirting the topics will be posted. Below is each of the 52 topics for the 52 weeks of photos. I hope 2018 is amazing for you and I can’t wait to show you all the new amazing things planned for this blog!

Happy New Year, crafters! It’s 2018…

and a new year is always exciting! Why? Because we don’t know what’s coming. Every year, I see my Facebook “memories” pop up and tell me how much I disliked the year before and how much I can’t wait for the next year, with one exception: 2016 was my best year. I was pregnant for half of it, gave birth and raised a child to 5 months. I felt more centered than I had ever felt in my life. It had started out rough but got better. Then 2017 came and it truly was one of the worst years of my life. We lost my grandmother in April. She was one of 4 people I consider my family. This sent me into a depression. I was nine months postpartum, which means I really had a difficult time.

But enough about my personal hell. Things picked up emotionally for me around the end of October, and has since been on a rise.

This year is going to be filled with fun and exciting topics! As I’ve begun to develop this blog, I have found myself ready and planning for the coming blog year. This week, I sat down and wrote out in a calendar when which blog posts would occur. I took color coded note cards, wrote the blog post days on them with the topic, and put themes and ideas on them. I am ready! But you probably want to know WHAT will be covered this year on Magic Spark Crafts! Well, here it is:

  1. Crafts – Every first Monday and second Wednesday will include a craft. Sometimes they’ll be general fun crafts for families. Other times they’ll be themed in relation, such as Valentines Day, 4th of July, etc. Due to lack of response, this will be brought back in 2019.
  2. Crochet – Every first Thursday will be a stitch or tutorial of sorts, while the third Thursday will be a free pattern.
  3. Recipes – The second and fourth Mondays of the month will feature a recipe. These recipes are going to be fun and healthy (as much as possible.) The fun will come from the themes. You see, each month is a special celebration of certain foods. And each month contains days that certain foods are celebrated. For instance, February is Potato Lovers month. So the second Monday will see an awesome Mashed Potatoes recipe. March 9th is Meatball day, so the February 26th post will be a recipe to make homemade meatballs (giving you time to get the ingredients and prepare!) Due to lack of response, this topic will return in 2019.
  4. Cleaning and Organizing – This is something that’s become important to me. We live in a house that’s working towards being healthy and chemical free. I know some people who make a craft out of cleaning and organizing. I figured, this is a Crafting Home blog, why not include Cleaning and Organizing as the craft. Every third Tuesday will feature information, tips, or tricks to clean or organize.
  5. Writing – Every fourth Wednesday will feature a post with the topic of Writing! This will range from Prompts to tips and tricks, to excerpts from my own writings.
    Edit: The second Wednesday will now also be a writing post. Everyone seems to be enjoying those so I’m increasing their frequency!
  6. 52 Weeks of Photos – Every Friday will feature a photo from the 52 Weeks of Photos. I got the idea from and watched Postcard from Gibraltar and fell in love with this idea. She got the idea from Sandra at Wild Daffodil and Cathy at NanaCathyDotCom. The 52 weeks will be shown below for your convenience and should you like to join.
  7. Roulette – This will be once or twice a month where I post something that is maybe outside of the subject matter. It could be in the subject matter but just outside of the theme. It could be a review on a product for crafting, or a review on a family use product. It could be a recipe that I just really want to share, but doesn’t match the themes or I already have the month’s recipes planned and ready. It could be thoughts, ideas, commentary.


So there are the 7 overall topics of this year’s blog. I’m always open for suggestions and thoughts. And I will make you a promise:

This blog will not contain political commentary, social commentary, or anything we are all getting tired of seeing on any social media site. This site with contain the most fun and exciting crafts for everyone in the family, from the chef, to the artist, to the writer, and beyond!

I can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things happening this year! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know in the comments here, or email me at MagicSparkCrafts@gmail.com! I know you’re going to love everything 2018 brings in this blog.

Oh! As promised, here’s the 52 Weeks of Photos topics:52 Weeks of Photos.png

Happy New Years



  1. Thanks so much for the mention Kati and I’m thrilled you enjoyed my entries to the 2017 Weekly photo challenge. I can’t take credit for the weekly prompts though nor the organization of it all, that belongs to a collaboration of bloggers, Sandra at daffodilwild.wordpress.com and Cathy at nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com Good luck with your challenge this year.

    1. Thank you for the update! I’ve added their credits to the post. I honestly only saw your photos and found them wonderful so I truly did get the idea from you.

      Will you be doing another 52 weeks? Perhaps of your own design or prompts?

      1. You’re very welcome. Yes I think I would miss not doing them weekly to be honest. This year Sandra at Wild Daffodil is organizing a monthly version on the first Tuesday of each month, but I am currently drawing up a list of 52 for this year, I will be running it on a Friday so that I don’t clash with my other regular posts. 😊

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